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Sanley, owner and creator of SapfireLettersHello everyone! My name is Sanley.

I am the daughter of a wonderful creator; the one who knows my innermost desires. I am the daughter of a risen king who is transforming the very person I was into someone who reflects his image.

Over the years God has been equipping me to make a change in this world. I’m not sure what that change is, but I know that my purpose in him is to do something great.

I created SapfireLetters as a way to facilitate my impact in this world. I am naturally a shy and quiet person, but God is doing something in me that needs to come out. I believe SapfireLetters is the jumping stone that God will use to prepare me for my future.

I am a young woman in my mid-twenties who desires to help and build up other young women. SapfireLetters is the place where I will pour out my heart and share what God is doing in and through my life. SapfireLetters is also the place where others can learn from my mistakes as well as learn about who they are created to be.

I am excited to have the opportunity to help every single one of you in your individual journey of being rooted in Christ.

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