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Free bible devotional teaching you how to be brave when God calls you to do something you don't feel qualified to do. Learn to stop relying so heavily on your spiritual leaders and understand that your strength comes from God and that through him you can do all things that are according to his purpose.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Spiritual Leaders

God is our strength, not our leaders. The purpose of our leaders is to provide guidance and to tell us when we are going down the path where the presence of God is not necessarily there. Our leaders weren't placed in their positions to be the spiritual crutch of every individual in the church. When that becomes a reality we are placing impossible expectations on them that only God can meet.

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Praying in the face of sin. Learn the 3 basic prayer principles of dealing with sin within he church through the example of Aaron and Moses.. This devotional study of Numbers 16 will give you the necessary knowledge on how to deal with sin.

Praying In The Face of Sin | The 3 Basic Prayer Principles

When those in our community are sinning, what is our response? Some of us condemn them. Some of us shun them. Some of us are in agony over them, while some of us really don't care. We should take our example from Moses and Aaron's reactions when prominent religious leaders and members chose to rally against the authority of God when he placed Aaron an his descendants as Israels priesthood (Exodus 28:1).

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