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Read SapfireLetters to learn how I feel about being the "good girl" guys don't want to date.

It’s Ok To Be The “Good Girl” Guys Don’t Want

I was once told I wasn't desirable because I was a "good girl."

I could have been sad. I could have let his words put me into an emotional depression. But I didn't.

I didn't allow his words to control my state of being. Nor was I going to fault or hate him because of his definition of manhood came from the conditioning of a sinful society. The world tells him the more women he has sex with, the manlier he becomes.

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Read SapfireLetters to learn 3 effective steps to help you overcome a spirit of disobedience.

3 Steps To Overcome A Disobedient Heart + Free Checklist with Memory Scriptures

A disobedient heart can be a major stumbling block in anyone's relationship with the one true God. Those who have a disobedient heart will always be reluctant to correction, both from God and their siblings in faith. We can't walk around proclaiming to be children of God when we choose to disobey everything he tells us to do. Here are 3 ways to deal with a heart full of disobedience.

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SapfireLetters | God reveals himself to us in so many different ways. Read today's blog post to see what I learned about God because of a green Ford Focus.

How a Green Ford Focus Revealed God’s Nature To Me + Free Print

One Monday morning I was on my way to work. I was minding my own business going around cars that were clearly driving below the speed limit. Then I got into some traffic... Traffic where there usually is no traffic unless it's a major accident. For most of the time while my car is doing the stop and go dance, I see a car in the lane closest to me going in the opposite direction. But something was peculiar about this car... It wasn't moving. The traffic signal did several rotations of GREEN... YELLOW... RED, and this car never moved.

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